Choose the Right Trolling Motor Battery for a Successful Day on the Water

Choose the Right Trolling Motor Battery for a Successful Day on the Water post thumbnail image

A trolling motor is actually a personal-included unit that includes an electrical motor, propeller, and controls, which is attached for the stern or bow of the small motorboat. Trolling Motor Battery are employed to increase the principal propulsion program of the fishing boat and are perfect for sportfishing or sluggish sailing.

If you have a trolling motor, it’s essential to decide on the correct battery to potential it. With this article, we’ll present you with some tips about how to just do that. Please read on for more information!

Types of Trolling Motor Electric batteries

The two most popular kinds of power packs accustomed to strength trolling motors are lead-acidity power packs and lithium-ion electric batteries. In comparison to lithium-ion electric batteries, steer-acid electric batteries are cheaper, but they are more heavy where you can reduced life expectancy. Although lithium-ion batteries are more expensive at first, they can be lighter in weight and last longer.

Lead acidity power packs also demand much more upkeep than lithium-ion battery packs. For instance, guide acid battery packs need to be filled up with distilled water every few months, while lithium-ion batteries usually do not demand any upkeep.

Choosing the Right Battery for the Vessel

As you now know a bit about the several types of trolling motor electric batteries, let’s chat on how to select the right 1 for your motorboat. Initial, consider the size and weight of the vessel. When you have a little fishing boat, you may be able to pull off using a guide-acid solution battery. Nonetheless, for those who have a bigger boat, you’ll probably need to have a lithium-ion battery to supply enough strength.

One other thing to consider is just how usually you’ll be using your trolling motor. If you just use it sometimes, you may be able to get by having a steer-acid battery. Nevertheless, if you are using your trolling motor often or even for long periods, you’ll want a lithium-ion battery to find the most use out of it just before it needs to be recharged.


To conclude, when picking a trolling motor battery you must take into account the weight and size of your own vessel, how many times you’ll be utilizing your trolling motor, and what amount of cash you’re prepared to devote. In case you have a little boat and just make use of your trolling motor occasionally, a guide-acidity battery must be sufficient. Even so, if you have a more substantial motorboat or use your trolling motor often, you’ll need a lithium-ion battery to obtain the most use from it.

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