Restore your body after childbirth with a Mommy makeover Miami

Pregnancy and lactation are natural processes in women undergoing hormonal and physical changes, which is why many mothers resort to a Mommy makeover Miami to restore their bodies and improve their appearance.
Breast augmentation or mammo plasty is a surgery where the shape and texture of the breasts are changed. They are applied to perform breast reconstruction to correct chest wall defects after pregnancy and lactation, even for congenital disabilities, or after mastectomy for cancer.
With a Mommy makeover Miami, you can rebuild your breasts after the lactation process. Through a surgical procedure, ptosis or sagging breasts will be addressed, eliminating excess skin, so the breasts return to a firm position.
With Mommy makeover, Miami, breast augmentation volume will be added to deflated or small breasts through either saline or silicone implants.
The implant models usually used are of two shapes, round and anatomical. The round ones are placed vertically and have the same width at the bottom and the top. The anatomical ones are drop-shaped and wider at the base. They provide a more natural look and imitate the shape of non-operated breasts.
Mommy makeover Miami procedures focus primarily on the areas affected by pregnancy and lactation. Through consultation with the surgeon, they will address in detail which areas should be treated and what type of operations are required according to your need.
You can also address problems in the abdomen through a body contouring procedure where the abdomen muscles are tightened and repaired, localized fat is removed, and excess skin that remains hanging is cut.
Liposuction is a process that can also be applied in Mommy makeovers to eliminate localized fat that becomes resistant to diets and exercises. This procedure extracts fat from the abdomen, hips, flanks, back, arms, and even under the neck. You will define slender contours through these procedures, and your body will return to normal after Maternity.

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